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<< Check out "Arbors" for some

solid OKOM. Forget Columbia and Sony, they'll just keep combining "Best

of" particular artists and miss all the good stuff. >>


Hear! Hear! On this side of the Atlantic most collectors don't bother with 
the big companies particularly Columbia/Sony or RCA/BMG as the number of 
'historic' recordings they have in the catalogue can be counted. Although 
there are a number of well known sessions such as the Ellington Newport 
concert or some Armstrong All-Stars recordings on Columbia there is not much. 
For example the best versions of the Armstrong Hot 5's and 7's are available 
on an independent label 'JSP' and if you want other 'essential' classic 
recordings such as the Oliver Creole JB 1923, Morton's Red Peppers or the 
original ODJB recordings then the independent labels are the places to look.

There are a large number of independents in Europe and some in the States 
such as 'T.O.M.' etc. and it is to these that one should look for properly 
produced 'classic' OKOM albums rather than the 'quick buck' compilations put 
out by the likes of Sony (Columbia), BMG (RCA Victor), EMI (Capitol & Blue 
Note) or Universal (Verve) in an attempt to cash in on TV programmes.

The European labels do have the advantage of a 50 year copyright rule which 
allows the reissue of recordings up to 1952 of course.

Also I would plead that everyone uses the specialist record shops or mail 
order dealers rather than bemoaning the fact that there is not a lot of OKOM 
in the local record store (this applies both sides of the Atlantic and 
possibly the Antipodes as well). There are literally thousands of excellent 
CDs of OKOM out there waiting to be purchased but you're not going to buy 
them from the local HMV (or US equivalent whatever that is now) where the lad 
or ladess behind the counter is unlikely to have heard of Louis Armstrong let 
Freddie Keppard!

"Support the Specialist Dealer"
Pecuniary interest declared here!!!


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