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> Lot's of bad information out there about Wynton Marsalis and Sony
> records. Note this article from Jon Garelick about Branford Marsalis and
> Columbia records, and starting his own label. Note also some parallels
> with other jazz musos who really got their start on "small" labels.
> Can't say for sure, but I suspect Wynton also wanted out from under Sony
> to go it on his own label also.

   Sony/Columbia records apparently put out a public statement that Wynton 
Marsalis's flat record sales didn't match the fees that he was demanding.  
They dumped him.

> Perhaps they are seeking ways to combat the big decline in overall
> record sales, regardless of musical genre and seek some form of control.
> Who can blame them? Wish it was me.
> Even Brubeck started with a "small" label. Check out "Arbors" for some
> solid OKOM. Forget Columbia and Sony, they'll just keep combining "Best
> of" particular artists and miss all the good stuff.
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