[Dixielandjazz] Ken Burns Jazz - translation

Tony Davis tony at tony-davis.co.uk
Sun Feb 2 20:31:38 PST 2003

Since neither Jempi nor anybody else has provided a translation of his message
to Hans Koert, I might as well submit my effort.  My Dutch (or Flemish) isn't
fluent, but I think this is more or less right:

[translation begins]
Dear Hans,

You've started something there - the screening of the Burns series on American
TV divided our American friends into two camps, for and against - the
opponents were especially peeved because Burns paid so little attention to
white jazz musicians and their role in the origin and development of the only
American contribution to popular culture.  I think that we here in Flanders
will also watch Nederland 3 with interest to discover this perhaps very
interesting series, and we'll be able to judge the content with a detachment
which apparently doesn't (indeed can't) exist in America.  Needless to add
that for weeks, from the moment the series appeared over there, the DJML was
bulging with comments and sometimes slanging-matches.
[translation ends]

Apologies in advance to Jempi for any mistranslation.

Tony Davis
Zenith Hot Stompers/Kaminsky Connection/Harlem
Aston, Oxfordshire, UK

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