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Now, now Charlie -- it was just one Dutchman talking to another and
forgetting to send it as a personal reply. I sort of followes part of it --
the rest was a bit of a jumble. Having a Dutch middle name as I do didn't
help much...but then my wooden shoe genes go 300 years back to New Amsterdam
roots on my dad's mother's side.
Big deal -- Jansen (middle name) is as common as dirt and translates as
Johnson. Dang -- could have been a Vanderbilt or a Roosevelt with a little
roving eye on some ancestor's part.
Don (keep it up Charlie and you are going to get in dutch) Ingle
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> on 2/2/03 3:56 AM, Jazzjerry at aol.com at Jazzjerry at aol.com wrote:
> > Hi Jempi,
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> > English please!
> >
> > Jerry,
> Now, now, Jerry!  Politically incorrect of you, you know.  In America
> be sued at the very least, and jailed as well if our thought-police had
> their way.  Charge: obstructing multi-culturalism.
> Charlie
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