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Well done Tony - Dutch or Flemish seems to be an international language
after all
Was indeed personal for Hnas - Sorry guys Forgot to mention it
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> Since neither Jempi nor anybody else has provided a translation of his
> to Hans Koert, I might as well submit my effort.  My Dutch (or Flemish)
> fluent, but I think this is more or less right:
> [translation begins]
> Dear Hans,
> You've started something there - the screening of the Burns series on
> TV divided our American friends into two camps, for and against - the
> opponents were especially peeved because Burns paid so little attention to
> white jazz musicians and their role in the origin and development of the
> American contribution to popular culture.  I think that we here in
> will also watch Nederland 3 with interest to discover this perhaps very
> interesting series, and we'll be able to judge the content with a
> which apparently doesn't (indeed can't) exist in America.  Needless to add
> that for weeks, from the moment the series appeared over there, the DJML
> bulging with comments and sometimes slanging-matches.
> [translation ends]
> Apologies in advance to Jempi for any mistranslation.
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