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I used to play bass at Mike's house when he was a kid.  Would like to think
I was his major influence but know better.  His parents are/were Godparents
of our 21 year old son.  We used to jam at his house with Barney Bigard, Joe
Darensbourg, Teddy Buckner, Alton Purnell and lots of other great players.
His mom, Fran, was the sister of Frank and Freddie Assunto - the Dukes of
Dixieland.  Mike is an excellent musician.   Looking at his roots and his
environment, there's no way he could be less.

Is the check in the mail, Mike?   :-)   Dick
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> > > Hey List;
> > >
> > > Just wanted to get the word out that I, Mike Marois grandson of Papa
> and
> > > nephew of Frank and Freddie Assunto, am available to do touring and
> festival
> > > work.  I seem to have a lot of free time on my hands these days.
> and Charlie wrote:
> >     And I would like to add:
> >
> >     To any listmates who have not yet had the pleasure of playing with
> Mike,
> > you've got a treat coming.  He is not merely a monster player who knows
> all
> > the tunes in any key; he is also one of the most pleasant people to hang
> out
> > with that you could find.  He will solve all your old problems and
> no
> > new ones.
> >
> > I guarantee it.
> > Charlie
> and now I add:
> Mike is the best. He has been like a gift to our group. About a year ago,
> when we were in search of a good tuba for the Creole Band, someone gave me
> Mike's name. He lives two hours away so my hopes were not high, but he
> "yes!". He drives two hours (one way) for all our Springfield area gigs
> that includes our regular Sunday night romp. (And it ain't for the money,
> folks.) It turns out that he's not only dedicated and reliable...but that
> he's a phenomenal tuba player as well. Rock solid bass lines and dynamite
> solos. And Charlie is right, he's a great guy to be around. I don't know
> what I did to be so lucky but we are waaaay beyond pleased to have Mike as
> part of our group.
> If you are in need of a tuba, give Mike a call. (Just promise you won't
> steal him on Sunday nights...haha.) He's in Northwest Arkansas but I'm
> will travel anywhere to have fun playing this great music of ours. Contact
> him at:
> Mike Marois, MikeMarois at HireLiveMusicians.com
> http://www.TheDukesofDixieland.com
> http://www.HireBands.com
> http://www.MaroisApps.com
> Thanks, Mike!
> Dave
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