[Dixielandjazz] Have You Met Miss Jones Bridge

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 22 12:28:02 PST 2003

John Farrell asked for "Have You Met Ms Jones" lead sheet: I have no way
to send the lead sheet, but here are the bridge chords, and notes in the
concert key of F. Like Cherokee, this bridge posed great difficulties
for jazz players of the era when Richard Rodgers wrote the music. Like
half steps were not part of most jazz musos vocabulary then (1937) and
the changes were difficult to hear. Now a days, they are routinely
taught and the younger musos have no problems with them.

/ F / (lead into bridge)

/ Bb / Abm7 - Db7 / Gbm7/ Em7 - A7 /

/ Dbm7 / Abm7 - Db7 / Gbm7 / Gm7 - C7 /

Notes are (lead in) D D D

C Bb F G / Ab Ab Ab Ab / Ab Gb Db Eb/ E E E E /

E D F# A / Db - Db / Bb / Bb

All the above notes are quarter notes except the last 3 bars. The 2 Db's
are half notes and the Bb is held for 2 bars.

Sorry I don't have a better way to send them, but I am computer
challenged as well as musically challenged and too old a dog to learn
new tricks.


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