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Did you hear about the bop player that was found dead in an alley? The only
items found with him: A half quart of whisky, a half smoked joint, and a
manuscript with half of the bridge to "Have you met Miss Jones."
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> John Farrell asked for "Have You Met Ms Jones" lead sheet: I have no way
> to send the lead sheet, but here are the bridge chords, and notes in the
> concert key of F. Like Cherokee, this bridge posed great difficulties
> for jazz players of the era when Richard Rodgers wrote the music. Like
> half steps were not part of most jazz musos vocabulary then (1937) and
> the changes were difficult to hear. Now a days, they are routinely
> taught and the younger musos have no problems with them.
> / F / (lead into bridge)
> / Bb / Abm7 - Db7 / Gbm7/ Em7 - A7 /
> / Dbm7 / Abm7 - Db7 / Gbm7 / Gm7 - C7 /
> Notes are (lead in) D D D
> C Bb F G / Ab Ab Ab Ab / Ab Gb Db Eb/ E E E E /
> E D F# A / Db - Db / Bb / Bb
> All the above notes are quarter notes except the last 3 bars. The 2 Db's
> are half notes and the Bb is held for 2 bars.
> Sorry I don't have a better way to send them, but I am computer
> challenged as well as musically challenged and too old a dog to learn
> new tricks.
> Cheers,
> Steve
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