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Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 19 18:10:15 PST 2003

>  s3856lpa at webtv.net (Harold Smith) wrote (polite snip)
> Steve:
> Re your remarks about Candye Kane and the rest of the events in San
> Diego, I have come to the conclusion that you are much too fair and
> open-minded, and always willing to look at the other points of view.
> Gads, man! What must I endure in order to peacefully wallow in my
> hide-bound prejudices?  I don't want to hear fairness, open-mindedness,
> and tolerance.

Harold, and all the others who have been following the San  Diego Mardi Gras Thread.

Do not misunderstand my meaning.

I thought I was (somewhat sarcastically) taking the existing OKOM world to task for
allowing a Mardi Gras Festival in San Diego to exist year after year with no New Orleans
Jazz Bands. It typifies the fuzzy thinking of the many OKOM bands who cannot get off their
collective asses and promote their music where it would do the most good. I've been saying
that, no doubt to bored yawns, for years.

All the while listening to Sacto Jazz Jubilee and Pismo and other OKOM Festivals pat
themselves on the back about how "successful" they are (were as it seems now). And just who
the hell was I to be so critical?

Don't like Candye Kane? Hey that OK with me but then I think she out sings most of the
so-called "Hot Mamas" out there with OKOM bands these days. And she performed at ASCONA
Jazz Festival 2003. In case you folks don't know it, ASCONA is THE ULTIMATE FESTIVAL for
New Orleans Jazz. Check it our some day instead  wallowing in self pity. Every OKOM band
leader I know would sell his soul to play at Ascona. No, it ain't your father's Pismo, or
Victoria, or Portland, or Combined Festivals. Not anything like them, for it is wildly
successful drawing, gasp/choke, young people, who pay top dollar to see some of the finest
OKOM musicians in the world.

Yes, we would all like to see this music flourish. But the only way most of us will do that
it is when we take that Heavenly Journey. Because that's where all the fans are, and we
will be at home with friends soon enough.

Want this music to flourish on Earth?  Then all you band leaders who should be playing at
the San Diego Mardi Gras, and other Mardi Gras around the USA, get the hell off your asses
and promote. Stop playing primarily for dead people, or those about to die and make what
you play relevant to the 21 to 40 year olds who are out there just waiting to hear some
good music for a change. PLAY WHERE THE KIDS ARE.

Candye Kane? Heck if I could afford her, I would ask her to join Barbone Street. Deja Vu?
The Pied Piper leading all the children out of the morass of the cities of Rap. Lordy do I
wish I was about 30 years old with a little more fire in the belly for I would surely would
tour BSJB world wide and blaze a trail a mile wide for the rest of you. That instead of
playing 160 gigs a year, mostly for kids, without having to travel. But then, I need my

Steve (YCDBSOYA) Barbone

PS. YCDBSOYA = "You Can't Do Business Sitting On Your Ass" Tatoo it on your hand if you are

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