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> The  main problem as I see it is the people that they want to attend. The 
> young, party people and even if we traditionally play OKOM for Mardi Gras 
> the 
> music won't attract the party people down there that they want. Such a 
> shame.
> Hugs
> Judie

Hello Folks:

Mardi Gras is not about the Music Only.   The Music of all kinds is what 
provides the fuel to the fire on the street.   At a real Mardi Gras there is much 
more music than just Dixieland,   Brazillian, Calypso, Jamacian, Raggae, 
Cuban, Mexican, Tejano, etc.

All of these cultures have made thier mark on Mardi Gras over the years, and 
I don't recall ever hearing that Mardi Gras started with DIxieland and the 

Seems like many of us on this list are still hung up in the idea that the 
only kind of music there is, is DIXIELAND MUSIC  and anybody who does not like it 
can just go to Hell.

   Well, many of them took that alternative many years ago and the Jazz music 
scene has changed many times to encompass other music styles.    Those of us 
who enjoy the Traditional Styles of early Jazz should be doing everything we 
can to get some of our kind of Jazz onto those events and as Barbone and I keep 
harping take this music to the younger people.  They darned sure are not 
coming to us looking for it.

 I don't know how many times we have to repeat this message on this list to 
get anyone to pay attention, but for one, I am getting tired trying to make the 
horse that we take to the water drink.  I suppose he is just not thirsty 
enough yet.

There is Nothing wrong with OKOM it is the folks running it that have the 
problems, and they are often running it into a hole in the ground, if this does 
not reverse itself soon the hole will be so deep it actually may never come out 
without an oil drilling rig to find it, provided somebody does not put a cap 
on it and seal it for the future to dig up and discover like dinosaur bones in 
the Tar pits.


Tom Wiggins

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