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There has been a lot of discussion about the average age of the typical
traditional/dixieland jazz festival attendee.  No one has mentioned the
average age of the typical traditional / dixieland jazz festival
organizer/volunteer.  Could it be that so many festivals are ending because
the manpower no longer has the energy to put in the work?

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<< Looks like the Feb. Pismo Mardi Gras will be their 25th and last,

unfortunately.  The local businesses who sponsored it have abandoned it, and

the Basin Street Regulars club (sponsors of the Jubilee By The Sea) agreed

to take it on in 2004 so it could see its 25th anniversary.  Sponsoring TWO

festivals in a year is a monumental task for a club, though.  ONE is a

monumental task! >>

What a shame. I have only attended the Mardi Gras a few times but really had
a great time when I did. I do believe that the days of large festivals, at
least so many of them as we use to have, are fading again. Maybe they will
again another time but I remember when I was so active we could attend a
festival almost every other week or so and it was so much fun. Now, of
since I have been in the wheelchair for the last 7-8 years and don't get to
anywhere as many as I use to but I always loved the idea that they were
going on.



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