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<<<I am ready to offer you 25% of the total sum and give you
the full power to manage the remaining 70% on be half of my son.>>>

This offer just doesn't add up, unless in the new math 25 + 70 = 100.
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For those of you who missed the get-rich opportunity presented last week
(I think by "Thimbles" Gunter), I offer you this message as a public
service. However, I strongly suggest that you do NOT follow my example.
This has nothing to do with OKOM as we know it, and if everyone starts
sending this sort of message, Mr. Ringwald's wrath will know no bounds. I
consider myself duly chastised in advance, but at this season, I could
not resist this offerng for the public weal. 

Jerry "buddy can you spare a dime?" Gordon, Troy, NY - Web master for

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   88 lincon streer
   South African 

                                         STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL


 I am Mrs. Joyce Khumalo, a Zimbabwe widow with an only son James
khumalo. President Mugabe killed my husband. My husband was among the
people that were killed by the military. Since after his death, I ran
away with my only son. 

Sir/Madam, May I introduce this business proposal to you I do hereby wish
to ask for your assistance in urgent business transaction that requires
absolute honesty and secrecy. The president of Zimbabwe killed my husband
who was a very rich farmer. he deposited the sum 11.5 million us dollars
in a security company here in south Africa. 

the militaries killed all the farmers. Immediately my husband was
confirmed dead, I made away with all the documents he used to deposit the
money in the security company here in south Africa with my only son so
that we can not be reached by mugabe.

I have really been waiting for a more suitable time and opportunity like
this to contact you concerning this transaction.  Right now, the money is
in a safe place, my husband deposited it with a security company for safe

Keeping. I am using this opportunity to seek for your assistance to move
this money to your country, to be invested on behalf of my only son. 

For this business to be concluded immediately, all you need to do is to
arrange to meet with me and my son where this box is been lodged, open an
account in your name, pay in the whole money after clearing and
transferring it to your chosen account. 0R you become the Beneficiary of
the consignment, making the change of ownership to your names so that it
will be transferred to your bank account in your country, in this case
you will need a lawyer and you don't need to come here.

We can 't do this on our own because we don't have account else where,
moreover, we are refuges here in south Africa, this is why we needed your
assistance.  I am ready to offer you 25% of the total sum and give you
the full power to manage the remaining 70% on be half of my son. This
money was deposited in the best security company in South Africa.  Upon
conclusion of arrangement, we shall forward to you the certificate of
deposit, send your phone and fax numbers so that documents used for the
deposit will be fax to you,  

Please I want us to finish this business as quickly as possible. 

Yours faithfully  

Mrs. Joyce  Khumalo
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