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Tom Wood zenith at ans.com.au
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Hi David,

Just accepted a gig for 17 January (a month from today) on our own
doorstep - Festival of Sydney in the Domain (a city centre park) which is
free for the audience with large sponsors.  I asked the organiser today what
was the usual audience and she said that the press always exaggerate the
numbers.  Her anticipated/expected audience is a mere 40,000 that will start
arriving at sunrise, laying out picnic blankets to stake their ground
claims.  We start to play at 8.00 pm with two other bands on after us.  Good
exposure again for OKOM - who said OKOM is dying ??
Tom Wood

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> Thanks for the kind words, Tom. maybe somebody on the Sac Jubilee board
> is on this list...
> Consider the fact that we just got back from a tour of Brazil, playing
> for an age-mixed audience of well over 25,000 very enthusiastic folks
> at one venue (and many other well attended shows with little advance
> publicity.)  I think groups like the California Repercussions can draw
> in those Gen X, Y and Z people to  Sacramento, let them hear not only
> us but all the other kinds of bands that are there.
> As a DJ at a station that tries to present interesting music to all
> sorts of specialized audiences, I am not too surprised to find some
> audience members that like "Old School" jazz along with the very modern
> styles, Bluegrass and Surf intertwined with Punk Rock, Soundtracks and
> Industrial Disco - they can be very open to a lot of things if
> presented well...
> Dave Richoux
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> >>
> >> It is true that we are not quite what most on this list would call an
> >> OKOM band - we play a lot more Rock  than Jazz, but if they are really
> >> wanting to bring in "new blood" to the festival they will have to keep
> >> on bringing in more variety, not less!
> >>
> >> Dave Richoux
> >>
> >>
> > You are absolutely correct Dave, and I saw you guys at least two times
> > and I
> > enjoyed your performances and material as did  the hundreds of folks
> > standing
> > around listening.
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