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> Phil are you the person that transferred our old cassettes (seven of them)
> onto CD for the 2MBS-FM radio programme??  We played a Strove Tuesday open
> air gig  where the Rotary provided and sold pancakes to the passing crowd
> for some charity.  Is there any connection with Strove (pancake) Tuesday and
> Fat Tuesday ???  Or maybe one just gets fat eating pancakes on Tuesdays !?
> Tom Wood
> Sydney

All this explanation about Fat Tuesday , A$$ Wedensday and Lent, reminds me 
of the story about the guy who asked his wife for a little loving on the first 
day of Lent,

She said NO it's Lent,

He replied, oh yeah!  to who? and for how long?  :)

A Henny Youngman line if I remember correctly.

Tom Wiggins

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