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david richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Mon Dec 15 17:33:57 PST 2003

There is a big thing that OKOM festival organizers can do to promote 
the events to a younger audience that I rarely ever see: Advertise or 
get listings in the "Free Alternative" newspapers! What used to be in 
the 1960s  aimed at politico/hippies and only handed out for free at 
"head shops" are now including major entertainment listings for all 
sorts of events targeted at the 18-45 (roughly) audience and available 
at all sorts of places. Many "mainstream" newspapers have weekly 
entertainment sections that have sprung up to compete with the 
alternative press.

I know a few people that freelance for several Bay Area papers - The SF 
Weekly and San Jose/Santa Clara County Metro and I asked them what it 
takes to get a listing in their events pages. They said the main thing 
is a timely, well written press release along with a follow-up call or 
e-mail, or having someone knowledgeable on your end being available for 
providing more information if they need it. The They do get tons of 
input so sometimes it takes a bit of skill to get through to print. 
Buying an advertisement in the paper is also a good thing (but not 
ALWAYS necessary...)

You can't expect people to come to your show if they never knew it was 

Dave Richoux

BTW, I also get press releases sent to my radio show - you would be 
amazed at the lack of basic information in many of them: WHO, WHAT, 
WHEN, WHERE [exactly, not just the name of a hall,] HOW MUCH$, HOW TO 
GET TICKETS and  Who should I contact for more information!  web site 
and e-mail, phone numbers, addresses... I don't need worded scripts, 
just the facts ;-)

On Dec 15, 2003, at 8:59 AM, Kaye Wade wrote:

> I see in Ct. kids from all ages - 8 & up helping as volunteers, and 
> etc.
> They have a half price ticket for them & don't sell the booze in the
> rooms where the bands are playing only outside so that the kids can 
> come
> in. They are very respectful & love the music and come in droves. In
> fact 2 yrs. ago there were about 15 teens that came to every set I sang
> and were upset there weren't more.
> My grandkids are in age of 11 thru high school & a couple college age.
> They love the music, but live in Las Vegas where there is no festival.
> They can go to the Gold Coast but have to stand outside the door to
> listen. They love the music!
> So, it's our own fault that we're loosing people of the younger age. We
> do nothing to bring them in.
> k
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