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> Conclusion:
> If we don't come up with more successful methods of attracting young people 
> to our events we are looking at the end of trad jazz festivals.
> Respectfully submitted,
> Bill Gunter
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> Hi Bill:

This is no doubt the biggest obstacle for all Jazz Festivals to tackle, I 
went ot a Holiday party a few nights ago and was discussing music with some 
friends in the fifty something set, I brought up The Sacramento Jubilee, and one of 
them turned and said oh yeah is that still going on, I went there once a few 
years ago but it was just all old Dixieland music and really boring,  this 
statement in front of a groupo of at least ten people with in ear shot of it.   

I quickly pointed out to him that I went last year and found Blues, Cajun, 
Zydeco, Swing, Big Band, Dixieland , Ragtime,  Gospel and even Countrty Swing 
and other forms of Traditional Jazz.  Something for almost any taste in music.

He said great maybe we will go back up to Sacramento this year and check it 
out again.

We have said it before many times and ways on this list, that we have to go 
get the music back into the public mainstream if we are going to continue it as 
a means of employment and or to create a future workingplace for younger 
youth bands and musicians coming behind us.

Like several other things in the past few Decades in Amnerica in particular, 
we have lost about three generations that should have been indoctrinated and 
exposed to this music  at an early age other than the cartoon shows.   Which 
was a good start, since most kids spend a lot of time in front of the tube 
watching them, however it must be taken out to them and at every possible 

If not with in twenty more years they will have to do ancient history 
research to find any, we can't wait for the  major Record labels or Radio programmers 
to give it to them, they will only give them what they think they can SELL, 
and since there does not seem to be a big enough audience for OKOM, they are 
not trying to sell it at all.  Pity indeed.


Tom Wiggins

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