[Dixielandjazz] Clint Eastwood at Carnegie Hall/celebrities redux

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Mon Dec 15 12:40:52 PST 2003

That reminds me of another musician who is a pretty good composer, ( very 
good according to some folks)  J. Paul Getty Jr. of the Texas Oil Godzillionaire 

I was offered a situation about twenty years ago to Book him for live 
performances, but could not give him away for any fee, and he could usually not even 
buy himself a gig.

The only folks who would go to see /hear himwere his wealthy friends or the 
wannbe wealthies hanging around him trying to get him to invest a million or 
two in one of their projects.

Lots of wannabe movie producers, and record project producers always trying 
to get me to get his money for them, but he had nothing to do with them, too 
bad they were not clever enough to have offered to produce a recording and 
market it for him, then they might have gotten some financial help.

Most of his wealthy friends however in the country club set, preferred to 
hire Bobby Short or Peter Duchin for their functions and always invited Getty to 
sit down at the piano and play a number or two to stroke his ego.

Musical content:

"Can't buy me Love" with Pennies from Heaven


Tom Wiggins

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