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david richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Mon Dec 15 11:59:43 PST 2003

For the last few years (maybe 4 now?) I have been playing at the 
Sacramento Jubilee with the California Repercussions, two long sets on 
Saturday afternoons  in the streets of Old Sac. The audience has 
generally been huge with both badge wearers and "freeloaders" of all 
ages listening (and apparently liking) what we were playing.

This year we won't be there - the organizers told us they were having 
problems with "crowd control" - we were too popular! They didn't offer 
us a chance to play on a stage set as an alternative (we would do well 
at the Freeway Garden stage or other large venues) but they did say 
they will try to fit us in somewhere by 2005.

It is true that we are not quite what most on this list would call an 
OKOM band - we play a lot more Rock  than Jazz, but if they are really 
wanting to bring in "new blood" to the festival they will have to keep 
on bringing in more variety, not less!

Dave Richoux

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>> Conclusion:
>> If we don't come up with more successful methods of attracting young 
>> people
>> to our events we are looking at the end of trad jazz festivals.
>> Respectfully submitted,
>> Bill Gunter
>> jazzboard at hotmail.com
>> Hi Bill:
> I quickly pointed out to him that I went last year and found Blues, 
> Cajun,
> Zydeco, Swing, Big Band, Dixieland , Ragtime,  Gospel and even 
> Countrty Swing
> and other forms of Traditional Jazz.  Something for almost any taste 
> in music.
> He said great maybe we will go back up to Sacramento this year and 
> check it
> out again.

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