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Wed Aug 27 20:11:30 PDT 2003

> Hi, Butch, 
> Great contribution, IMHO it's exactly that. And that's is one of the
> great "secrets" of making a band swing like hell, with a combination
> of very carefully sparsely applied "spanish tinge" on the piano left
> hand and/or on the bass beat.
> Please don't be quiet!  ;-) 
> Cheers,
> Tito Martino 

	The "spanish tinge" suggestion from Butch Thompson is especially 
intriguing when one considers the influence of Louis Moreau 
Gottschalk on the origins of ragtime.  Gottschalk made his relatively 
short-lived reputation (he died at the age of 40) on his compositions 
that were stongly influenced by his experiences in South America.

I'm not a Gottschalk scholar; just an ardent fan of his music. More 
about this composer's life and works can be found at




There's lots more out there about this remarkable composer.  If you 
listen to any of his stuff, remember when you here one that smacks of 
ragtime that he died in 1869.

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