[Dixielandjazz] RE: 2 beat, 4 beat

tito martino tmartino at terra.com.br
Wed Aug 27 14:30:59 PDT 2003

<<<<<<<<<<I'm not saying that early New Orleans jazz was ever in strict
two/four.  To the contrary, there was nothing strict about it at all; I
still think it was a combination, a smoothed-out combination of the two.
Great players like John Lindsey knew exactly how to manipulate this
I promise to be quiet now.  Butch Thompson >>>>>>>>>>>

Hi, Butch, 

Great contribution, IMHO it's exactly that. And that's is one of the
great "secrets" of making a band swing like hell, with a combination of
very carefully sparsely applied "spanish tinge" on the piano left hand
and/or on the bass beat.

Please don't be quiet!  ;-) 

Tito Martino 


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