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   >  Yes, the Cullum story is a remarkable one. There are several points in your
   >  posts that need clarification...
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I really appreciated this inside look into the Cullum band. Thanks, Don. The Cullum group has been my favorite for a long time and I have a tremendous respect for their ability to maintain a consistent 6-nights a week through the years -- particularly, knowing the hard work it takes to keep any band going. 

After four years of plugging away, the Creole Band is up to two steady nights a week in Springfield, Missouri (an otherwise "jazz" sinkhole) with plenty of one-timers every month and it is a continuous struggle to keep things going in a positive direction. Constant challenges include advertising, public relations, keeping things fresh by adding new (old) tunes to the book, dealing with and balancing six different musicians' personalities, abilities, and egos (and we all get along, too), and my personal least favorite, finding subs for players who can't make it to the job "tomorrow night".

I've often wondered in amazement at the Cullum group and other great bands that have just the right comination of great players who have stood the test of time and survived not only the public's current musical preferences but each other's company long enough to keep producing terrific music. It is a VERY RARE thing. Keep up the good work, Don.


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