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> >to play accoustically. But a dixieland band sure as hell could!
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Not at all folks:

Some of you have not been listening to Rock Bands for a long time I see.

Many of them play entire concerts "Unplugged"  which is acoustic, and still 
sell out major arenas.

Got to change that radio dial once in a while folks to keep up with what's 
happening in the world of music.  Trust me there has been a lot of good music 
written and recorded after 1935, try it you might find something you like 
besides Dixieland.

There are many kinds of OKOM.


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

We can play you all the Acoustic Rock you probably would not listen to.
Ya just have to be musically creative folks, relax and try playing something 
different and adapt it to your own sound.  Experiment you might surprise 
yourself and your audience and even like what you hear.

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