[Dixielandjazz] Enough, already!

Don Ingle dingle at baldwin-net.com
Fri Aug 22 17:38:09 PDT 2003

Sorry Gang, but I will not open any mail for the next week. My IPS's
firewall struck over 50 percent of the posts sent me today...viruses up the
kazoo. Some came from listee sources so there is a serious bit of infection
out there today.If you send me anything,via the list I will not open it.
When 35 posts had 19 viruses, it's just too much for one little delete
button to handle.
Those that need to reach me can send me an off-list post. My IPS firewall
and my own Norton is good, but this has gotten out of all reason.
I hope they somehow catch the bastards who do this crap. I have the perfect
cure. It involves a sharp knife and no anesthetic...screams in falsetto will
be music to my ears.
See you after the vacation...maybe!!
Don Ingle

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