[Dixielandjazz] Ciro's Club Orch - 1st Jazz recording?

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Wed Aug 20 19:11:07 PDT 2003

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<< Why does

everyone consider the ODJB recordings released on 2/26/1917 the first jazz

recording when Ciro's Club Coon Orchestra (an African American band

performing in London) recorded jazz in 1916? >>

I tend to agree that their recording sound very much like jazz. The entire 
recorded output of this group which was a quartet are available on two Document 
CDs. The recordings were made in London for 'The Gramophone Company' which did 
not seem to operate the same colour bar as was the practice of the American 
companies. The leader of the band - I cannot remember his name - lead a rather 
colourful life (No pun intended please!) in London but became a drug addict 
and ended up murdering his wife who was the landlady of the local pub after he 
caught her dallying (Now there is an old fasshioned word for 'it') with another 
man. I understand he then topped himself.

Real comment on ther 'jazz' aspects of the band's performances can really 
only be judged after listening to a number of the recordings although being 1916 
there is plenty of bacon frying in the background!



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