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Richard Broadie richard.broadie at gte.net
Wed Aug 6 19:31:26 PDT 2003

Then there's the soundperson's side:

How many experienced "pros" have no idea how to use a mic properly?
(With time I could likely give 20 examples here)

How many times is a soundman expected to balance a band to amps that are
already on stage and set to their loudest positions?

How many bands get set up on the band stand seconds before they're
performance time, providing the sound man no opportunity to place mics,
establish sound levels, etc. ?

There are times when amplification is needed.  The best example I've
experienced was the night I almost heard Count Basie and his Orchestra at
Disneyland.  He refused to let the soundman mic his piano or Freddie
Greene's guitar on the basis that the room will quiet down to his level if
you play softly.  This philosophy may work fine in Carnegie Hall.
Unfortunately, for this performance, the "room" consisted of 100db E Ticket
Rides surrounding the performance.  The rides didn't quiet down on the
Count's cue.   I say Basie and Greene that night.  I didn't hear them!

Exit singing "Oh musicians and the soundfolks can be friends."

Dick Broadie

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>   Texasjazzlover rebecca.e.thompson at verizon.net Wrote regarding
> amplification:
>  > > There were rain showers every day during the Summerfest.  The one on
> > Saturday turned out to be a downpour and the sound technicians scrambled
> to
> > cover all the speakers, mikes, etc.  It happened just as Duke Heitger
> > started his set and got one song off before the rain came.  When it
> stopped,
> > Connie Jones asked Duke if he would continue without the aid of
> > amplification.  He agreed and the crowd LOVED it.  They couldn't bring
> > sound back on for the rest of the performances, so Banu continued
> > the aid of mikes.
> (Snip)
>  >
> > There were comments from EVERYONE in the crowd that they liked the music
> > much better without all the amplification.
> (Snip)
>  Bob Ringwald adds:
> How many times have you seen a band get held up from starting on time
> because of the mikes?  If they would have played without the
> they would have sounded much better.
> How many times have you been offended by feedback ruining a really great
> solo or by a mic cutting out, doing the same thing?
> When will musicians learn how much better a band sounds without all that
> amplification?
> Sure, in a large venue, you need some amplification but for gawd sakes,
> forget all that stuff in a small room.  Musicians have forgotten how to
> with dynamics and fans have forgotten how to listen.
> At a Sacramento Jazz Jubilee a few years ago, I talked the director, Roger
> Krum, into having an all acoustic venue.  It was a really nice room with
> good acoustics.  Bands sounded great there without mikes.
> He could not get enough bands to agree to play without mikes, to keep the
> room going.  What a shame!
> Bob (Turn that damn thing off) Ringwald
> Placerville, CA
> mr.wonderful at ringwald.com
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