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> Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] NY Times Jazz Review
> What you said about Dick Hyman's style put it all into place for me. Thanks 
for the great insight. I had bought his books about the "right chords" and 
found them half truths. Then I heard his rendition of early 20's novelty piano and 
found it awful. Why, I wondered. He is a master talent beyond compare. The 
answer is, he adds all the "right" (big, modern) chords to everything he does 
and it destroys a lot of the feeling of early rag and novelty piano songs for 
me. I worked at Young & Rubicam, an ad agency in New York where Dick was brought 
in to do some piano work. He blew everybody away with his ability to play 
anything in any key. (Can you play anything in the key of B natural?). But I 
don't like all those big, modern chords in every piano piece. It sounds like a 
formula to me.

Thanks to Dick Broadie for the great insight,

Dan (piano fingers) Spink

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