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Mon Apr 28 09:52:50 PDT 2003

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> Ed Wilkinson was on bass, I 
> believe.

Ed wasn't with the band with me. The 3 bassists (tubas) I worked with on that 
band were Vinny Giordano, Buddy Apfel, and David Lewis.

>     Bob Schulz worked with me there one summer and I don't remember him 
> finding a 'wife.'  His wife is from California, I believe.

You could be right. I just remember, way back in the back of my mind 
someplace, someone telling me that. As I said, don't know if it's true, and 
I've never asked him.

In any case, point still is that the place was staffed with beautiful, 
friendly (nice) gals and many musicians benefitted greatly from that.

Hope all is well in LaCrosse,

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