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Bob met his wife Linda in SF.  She worked at Turk's place.

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> > Ed Wilkinson was on bass, I
> > believe.
> Ed wasn't with the band with me. The 3 bassists (tubas) I worked with on
> band were Vinny Giordano, Buddy Apfel, and David Lewis.
> >     Bob Schulz worked with me there one summer and I don't remember him
> > finding a 'wife.'  His wife is from California, I believe.
> You could be right. I just remember, way back in the back of my mind
> someplace, someone telling me that. As I said, don't know if it's true,
> I've never asked him.
> In any case, point still is that the place was staffed with beautiful,
> friendly (nice) gals and many musicians benefitted greatly from that.
> Hope all is well in LaCrosse,
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