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> did the grand opening stint, including opening night, at Flaming Sally's in 
> Chicago with Clyde McCoy. I forget how long the gig went for sure, but it 
> was 
> somewhere between 3 and 6 weeks long.
> It was in the Blackstone Hotel.
> Did a six week return engagement within the year following.
> The manager was Henry Schlelein.
> The place had a solid copper dance floor. Nice place.
> The waitresses all dressed as Flaming Sally with the same long-haired red 
> wigs with low-cut, short, tight-fitting, black outfits with fishnet 
> stockings 
> and garters.
> Seems it was a great place for musicians to find wives. Drummer Bob Stone 
> married a waitress I knew there. I heard Bob Schulz found his current wife 
> there. (I can't confirm this, but it'll come up in our conversations in the 
> next couple of months.) I dated a waitress there too.
> Opening night, Clyde was nervous and tight as a drum. I think Gene Bolen 
> and 
> Buddy Apfel were on the band.
> Variety did a review.
> Barret Deems came by to see us.
> All in all, it was a great time and I really enjoyed it. Downtown Chicago 
> was 
> a nice place to be and stay at the time. (It was 1972, I believe . . . 
> maybe 
> '73)

    Yeah, I remember seeing you guys there.  Ed Wilkinson was on bass, I 
believe.  Cripes, I forgot about the copper dance floor and I was there for 
about 4 years, first with the Jazz Ltd. band and then with my own.  Polly 
Podewell was the singing hostess and later my wife, then, Laurie.

    Bob Schulz worked with me there one summer and I don't remember him 
finding a 'wife.'  His wife is from California, I believe.

   Those were great days in Chicago...lots of good jazz around.  

  Jim Beebe

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