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> If anyone has any information Flaming Sally's past and present I would love 
> to hear it.

I did the grand opening stint, including opening night, at Flaming Sally's in 
Chicago with Clyde McCoy. I forget how long the gig went for sure, but it was 
somewhere between 3 and 6 weeks long.

It was in the Blackstone Hotel.

Did a six week return engagement within the year following.

The manager was Henry Schlelein.

The place had a solid copper dance floor. Nice place.

The waitresses all dressed as Flaming Sally with the same long-haired red 
wigs with low-cut, short, tight-fitting, black outfits with fishnet stockings 
and garters.

Seems it was a great place for musicians to find wives. Drummer Bob Stone 
married a waitress I knew there. I heard Bob Schulz found his current wife 
there. (I can't confirm this, but it'll come up in our conversations in the 
next couple of months.) I dated a waitress there too.

Opening night, Clyde was nervous and tight as a drum. I think Gene Bolen and 
Buddy Apfel were on the band.

Variety did a review.

Barret Deems came by to see us.

All in all, it was a great time and I really enjoyed it. Downtown Chicago was 
a nice place to be and stay at the time. (It was 1972, I believe . . . maybe 

Hope this helps!

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