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> Dear All,
> I am a writer, and I write short stories for a hobby, I have had some 
> published here and there.  If anyone has any information Flaming Sally's 
> past and present I would love to hear it.  I believe it is in Mobil Alabama 
> area, and it used to be a brothel in years gone by, now a night club. 
> Thank you so much for your time
> frankie 
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    Frank:  there was a Flaming Sally's in Chicago in the 70s-80s.  I'm not 
sure actually how long it was there.  Flaming Sally's was a dining-dance room 
with entertainment in the Blackstone Hotel.   My band, Jim Beebe's Chicago 
Jazz was there five nights a week for several years. in the late 70s. Before 
that the Jazz Ltd. Band and others were in there.

Jim Beebe

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