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I have a number of versions of I'm Coming Virginia by Lee Wiley. She was one
of my favorite fem vocalists, and she did this song with a lot of class.
There is also the wonderful Jump Records version by Joe Venuti in the ;40's
that is well worth a good listen. This tune has always been a favorite in
the Ingle, mon Pere and Moi,  households.
Don Ingle

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> Dear Bud,
> Regarding: >The Condon version from the 50's is the best I've ever heard
and the
> most beautiful. Sorry, I don't know what album it was on.<
> You are probably recalling the Eddie Condon & His Dixieland Band Columbia
> 'Bixieland' album (CL719).
> Now on a Mosaic set.
> "I'm Comin' Virginia" was one of 5 recorded on 20 April (Hitler's birthday
> also mine!) 1955 with Bobby Hackett (as Pete Pesci), c; Cutty Cutshall,
tb; Dick
> Cary, alto horn; Edmond Hall, cl; Gene Schroeder, p; Eddie Condon, g;
> Page, sb; George Wettling, d.
> Certainly a beautiful version, which I am playing at this moment.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.
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