[Dixielandjazz] Gazornenplat

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Wed Apr 9 23:27:26 PDT 2003


My favorite debator, Steve Barbone, says (about my comments):

>"GAZORNENPLAT!"  Has no meaning writes Bill G.
>However he also writes that a word means whatever is in the head of the
>user at the time. (so throw your dictionary away?)

At no point in my posting did I even imply that dictionaries are useless and 
should be thrown away. I simply indicated that dictionaries give "general" 
definitions and words, when we use them have a very specific definition. 
That specific definition is what is in the mind of the user when he uses any 
specific word. That word is specifically defined by context and not by what 
the dictionary says.

For example . . .

I could say - "I love my cat and I tend to her every day to be sure she's 

Now I'll tell you that I work for a tractor company.

What good is your dictionary in this case?

Love to all

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