[Dixielandjazz] Re: Gazornenplat

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 9 20:05:31 PDT 2003


Steve Barbone

PS. Check the rest of my post, not the snipped version below to see what I
mean. ;-) VBG

Bill Gunter wrote:

> Yo!
> My favorite debator, Steve Barbone, says (about my comments):
> >"GAZORNENPLAT!"  Has no meaning writes Bill G.
> >
> >However he also writes that a word means whatever is in the head of the
> >user at the time. (so throw your dictionary away?)
> At no point in my posting did I even imply that dictionaries are useless and
> should be thrown away. I simply indicated that dictionaries give "general"
> definitions and words, when we use them have a very specific definition.
> That specific definition is what is in the mind of the user when he uses any
> specific word. That word is specifically defined by context and not by what
> the dictionary says.
> For example . . .
> I could say - "I love my cat and I tend to her every day to be sure she's
> ok."
> Now I'll tell you that I work for a tractor company.
> What good is your dictionary in this case?

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