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Dan Spink writes:

I don't think you can get rid of the definition question by simply saying all definitions depend on how you use the word. Words do cue associations and have meaning at many different levels. I can tell you what I call Dixieland and where I draw the line, although I'm sure that many modern chord lovers will soon be throwing rotten tomatoes at me. Oh well, I'll say it anyway. When I was playing all the time in the 50's. "modern" or "modrin" jazz was just rearing it's ugly head in the bars and clubs I played in. To please some patrons we put "modern" sounds in here and there by using major seventh chords and extensions instead of minor seventh chords and extensions and by going from a strong accented beat (2/4 or 4/4) to a water-dripping, boringly monotinous 4/4 beat with a moving bass line. You can tell I have a slight opinion bias. It sounded modern because it did NOT SOUND LIKE DIXIELAND. After we did that nonsense we got back to playing what we liked. You can start throwing tomatoes now.

Dan (piano fingers) Spink

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