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> Dixieland is a term used by the general public to identify jazz music
> from the era prior to big-band swing. The term "Dixieland" generally refers 
> to jazz music played in an
> improvisational, contrapuntal style, with a group consisting of trumpet,
> clarinet, trombone, piano, bass instrument, banjo and drums.
> So why should we use that name?

In our promotion information we refer to our music as Traditional Dixieland 
Jazz just to appease everybody, but that heading allows us to expand on the 
historical aspect which we try to emulate and thereby separate ourselves from 
the sing-along type of band that "jazzes up" everything.  You notice that my 
handle below drops the Dixieland reference, since we all really understand 
the difference.

Bud Taylor
Smugtown Stompers
Rochester, NY
Traditional Jazz since 1958
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