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Bill Horton horton4jaz at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 9 00:23:59 PDT 2003

Totally agree with you, Chris, but let's not open that can of nomenclature
worms again!

Bill Horton

> 32.  What is Dixieland Jazz?
> Contributed by Chris Tyle
> Dixieland is a term used by the general public to identify jazz music
> from the era prior to big-band swing.  The name came into being from the
> Original Dixieland Jass Band (q.v.), but they used it to simply indicate
> where they were from (the South, specifically New Orleans), not as a
> description of what they played, which they called Jass or Jazz.
> The term "Dixieland" generally refers to jazz music played in an
> improvisational, contrapuntal style, with a group consisting of trumpet,
> clarinet, trombone, piano, bass instrument, banjo and drums.
> ------------------------------------------------
> As I recall, Eddie Condon, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll
> Morton, Bunk Johnson, Wild Bill Davison, et. al., referred to their music
> Jazz...not dixieland.
> So why should we use that name?
> Something to think on,
> Chris Tyle
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