[Dixielandjazz] What is Dixieland? From the DJML's FAQ page...

Ron Wheeler rwheeler at flex.com
Wed Apr 9 17:42:52 PDT 2003

Chris Tyle wrote...

> As I recall, Eddie Condon, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll
> Morton, Bunk Johnson, Wild Bill Davison, et. al., referred to their music
> Jazz...not dixieland.
> So why should we use that name?


Why indeed...  Maybe because this isn't the JML we're talking over, but the
_D_JML, as Peter Lovric named it.  If for no other reason, we shouldn't drop
the D.

Then again, who is the 'we' you're talking about.  If it's just a tight
little circle of friends who already know all about it, that's one thing,
but the list is a bigger universe than that.  If it's just jazz, then you'll
have Steve Barbone doing his 'I remember Monk' and the odd Miles fan
thinking the list is all about that.  It's not.  It doesn't matter to me
whether you call it pre-swing, trad, dixieland, Chicago, New York or
whatever other designator you want, but you just can't say 'jazz', cuz
that's about a whole lot of stuff that we're not about here on the Dixieland
Jazz Mailing List.

Best from Wake,

Ron [or we could just open the Bossa Nova wing on the DJML Public Library]

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