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Chris Tyle tyleman at toast.net
Tue Apr 8 19:01:25 PDT 2003

32.  What is Dixieland Jazz?

Contributed by Chris Tyle

Dixieland is a term used by the general public to identify jazz music
from the era prior to big-band swing.  The name came into being from the
Original Dixieland Jass Band (q.v.), but they used it to simply indicate
where they were from (the South, specifically New Orleans), not as a
description of what they played, which they called Jass or Jazz.

The term "Dixieland" generally refers to jazz music played in an
improvisational, contrapuntal style, with a group consisting of trumpet,
clarinet, trombone, piano, bass instrument, banjo and drums.

As I recall, Eddie Condon, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll
Morton, Bunk Johnson, Wild Bill Davison, et. al., referred to their music as
Jazz...not dixieland.

So why should we use that name?

Something to think on,
Chris Tyle

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