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I have sad news re.the late Terry Pitts. He passed away,apparently due to a
heart attack, in Ontario, Canada last Tuesday.

Terry will be fondly remembered here in Vancouver for the 3 or 4 visits that
he made as a member of a stellar pick up group named "The Hottest Band In

The Hot Jazz Soc.here brought the group for 3 or 4 week long visits in the
late 70s.Hugh Rainey,bjo. was the leader. The others were Terry,tbn. Dennis
Fields, cnt. Arthur Bird, bs. Laurie Chescoe, dms. Gerry Turnham clt.

The names will not be household ones to most on this list but people in the
UK will readily recognize them.Hugh, Dennis, Laurie, and possibly Arthur,
are still active. Sadly Gerry, who was a superb player, passed away some
time ago. His place was taken on the last visit by Dave Jones. Gerry and
Arthur both played with "The Guv" in his later days and can be heard on
several recordings.

Cheers, Glen

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