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We have heard some of those tapes while in New Orleans at the Louis
Armstrong Conference last year and again this year played by Michael
Cogswell, director of the Louis Armstrong House and Archives.  He spoke
honestly about some of the things that had happened to him and some of
the injustices.  That didn't take away from his sweet personality and
genuine affection for most people.  Fact is he WAS treated poorly many

Rebecca Thompson
Flower Mound, TX

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Art Wood wrote about the joy of seeing Louis Armstrong perform, which I
too experienced a few times. And much is made of his happy demeanor and
stage presence. He was a giant.

However, some of us may get a big shock when Queens College in New York
City releases all of those personal tapes that Louis made during the All
Star Years. When his home/museum opens, I understand verbal portions of
those tapes will be made available. And that some of his recorded
thoughts are not the sweetness and light we generally associate with
him, but a deep bitterness and resentment against the way he was treated
by many during his lifetime.

Not that it is unjustified.

Steve Barbone

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