[Dixielandjazz] Trombone Carry On

James Kashishian kash@ran.es
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 10:15:17 +0200

Stan Brager wrote:
 I got my boarding pass and didn't 
say anything to the personnel there figuring that it would be best NOT
make an issue of the trombone.

When flying to Sydney from Madrid, I changed planes in Singapore.  The
air hostess said to me on the ramp "Oh, we can take that for you
(meaning my 'bone was going to disappear to the hold)".  I answered with
a smile, and never missing an advancing step, "thank you so much, but
it's really no bother for me"!  Polite cheekiness is the word of
operation.  Stan practiced the same talent when he just smiled at the
jerk that called his horn a trumpet.  Always a smile, and gobs of

Stan continues:
There were no problems carrying the horn on board - the overhead 
compartments were quite roomy.

This is the trick:  make sure you're one of the first on board.  If you
show up late, the bins are full, and someone's gonna notice your horn.
This happened to me on a flight in the U.S., long before the events of
the last year.  It was the passengers that were giving a stink about the
fact I had my horn sideways under my legs....and, the consenting
passenger next to me. I finally took it up to first class, and smiling
requested it be stored in one of the suit hanging closets.

I fly a shuttle (credit card in the machine, walk on the plane, which
leaves every half hr) to Barcelona often.  It's mostly bussinessmen.
You wouldn't believe the amount of handluggage some of them carry on.
No one says boo.  Of course, they're paying top dollar.  I can fly to
the U.S. from Madrid cheaper than the flight to Barcelona!!  Our 300
kilometer per hr train will be in service in two years.....