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Thanks to all (Art Wood, Pat Cooke, the 2 Bobs - Ringwald and Williams, 
Charlie Hooks, and Dave Hanson) who gave me advice about travelling with an 

I've returned from my visit to Boulder and my experience with the Trombone 
Carry-on was wonderful. I flew United from Burbank to Denver and back.

Before the flight, I called United's customer service and was told that the 
size of the trombone made it against United's carry-on regulations. 
Customer Service also remarked that it was up to flight personnel as to 
whether or not the trombone could be carried on the plane.

When I arrived at the Burbank airport, I simply carried the trombone with 
me as one would carry a banjo or guitar. Only the guy as the x-ray machine 
made a remark "Hey, I see that you've got a trumpet in there." I nodded and 
smiled. At United's flight check in desk, I got my boarding pass and didn't 
say anything to the personnel there figuring that it would be best NOT to 
make an issue of the trombone.

There were no problems carrying the horn on board - the overhead 
compartments were quite roomy.

As an added note, the x-ray attendant correctly noted that she had scanned 
a trombone.

Stan Brager

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     Be aware that you will have to put the bone in the overhead with other
luggage and who knows what.  If you have a soft case, your horn could be
     Try the local music stores to see if they have a used hard case.
     Pat Cooke

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> As a young (67) trombonist-in-training, I'm planning to visit my sister 
> Boulder, Colorado. I plan to continue my practicing (training) while in
> Boulder. I'll be flying there and I'd like to bring my trombone with me 
> a CARRY-ON since I don't have a case strong enough to withstand the 
> of the Baggage Handlers.
> Does anyone have any experience with this issue and current airline
> Stan
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