[Dixielandjazz] Burnout and 'fun'

David W. Littlefield dwlit@cpcug.org
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 09:14:16 -0400

At 12:23 AM 9/25/2002 -0400, JimDBB@aol.com wrote: 
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> writes:
>> Jim Beebe presumably has full-time professional musician's burn out--I
>> gather music ceased to be fun, became just work, pressure from trying to
>> make a living; since it was his vocation, he relaxed with other activities,
>> took vacations that had nothing to do with music, etc.

>    Well, my 'burnout' was enhanced by the fact that I have COPD which makes
> having 'fun' with music a bit tougher.  I always enjoyed playing music or I
> wouldn't have done it. I've never looked at it as 'fun' as in a frat house
> jazz band. 

I was responding to your comments, but actually burnout and the tribulations of
the full-time musician are an interesting topic.

>  It was a bit more serious to me.  Enjoyable as in accomplishing  something
> worthwhile artistically. The most enjoyable thing in the world to me is
> performing good jazz with musicians who know what they are doing.  There is
> something very satisfying about it and on a different level, I think, than
> 'fun.'  It is fun but it is more than that.
> JIm Beebe

There is nothing like the experience of an inspired music session. Such a
session/moment is better than great loving sex, because it takes EVERTYHING you
are--physical, emotional, aesthetic, creative, social. You have to completely
open yourself up to your surroundings and respond with all your senses and
What a high!
No wonder women are so often jealous of it! And oh what a treasure is a wife
who understands and supports. Now if only the gigs came early enough in the
day/night, so one could come home and wind down with the love and then the