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Charlie Hooks charliehooks@earthlink.net
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 18:08:03 -0500

on 9/23/02 1:10 PM, JimDBB@aol.com at JimDBB@aol.com wrote:

> $200 then would be what?...$1000 today.

No, you must multiply by a minimum of ten: thus, $2000.  A bit later, during
the depression, around '35 and '36 you'd multiply by 25 to get today's

Proof: to clean and press a man's suit is exactly the same unit of labor now
that it was in 1935; but my father was charging 25 cents in 1935, and I'm
paying 6.50 to 8.00 depending on where I take the suit.

You divide it out.  How many quarters are there in 6.50?  Makes things a
trifle clearer, I think.

Charlie, the dry cleaner's boy.