[Dixielandjazz] Unwritten rules??/

Bill Gunter jazzboard@hotmail.com
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 23:18:54 +0000

Hi John, etc.,

I said:

> >When I am a sideman on one of your gig just how much of my soul have I 
>to you?  I don't think I have sold my freedom to give someone a card. I
> >don't even think it's something that can be sold!

You responded:

>I would expect loyalty Bill. If someone books me to play drums with their
>band, it is first of all an honour and a privilege and should not be 


>Secondly you submit your freedom to play for example tunes that you want to
>play which may not be in agreement with what the bandleader wants. Its what
>Baby Dodds called playing for the benefit of the band


>- and that extends to poaching gigs.

Not sure I can agree to this on.

A poacher is one who steals things that belong to you.

Since these are casual gigs we're talking about and you're only booked for 
the one gig and you have no other gigs lined up for this particular club 
then I can't very well be "poaching" because there is NOTHING OF YOURS 

If you have a steady gig and I'm your sideman trying to take it away from 
you I think you'd probably be able to strangle me and no jury would convict 
you. But if you ain't got a future gig at the venue then it's fair game for 
ANYONE and "loyalty" in such an instance has no meaning.



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