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Thu, 12 Sep 2002 23:54:11 +0000

Listmates . . .

You'll be grateful to note that I'm not gonna post any more comments on the 
behavior of sidemen/leaders after this.


Bob Romans posed the hypothetical situation:

----> the Romans scenario

. . your band is booked at a local country club. It pays $100 per man, and 
is a very nice gig!! Everything is going great, the band is cookin'

During the last break, you find the manager and let him know you've
enjoyed the gig, and you hope he'll call you again, so you hand him your 
card and he informs you that one of your sidemen just gave him HIS card, and 
suggested he call HIM the next time if he wanted a band since he, too, has a 

What would YOU do?? Is this an ethical thing for a sideman to do? Would
you hire that sideman again for another gig?

-----> end of Romans scenario

THAT is the situation I've been talking about.

It's obvious this situation is a one time casual gig because the leader 
tells the manager that he has enjoyed the gig and hopes he'll be called 
again. Therefore he has no further arrangements. He has no gig regular or 
otherwise at that venue coming up in the future.

I've stated what I believe to the the legal ramifications of this situation 
and I fail to see that this scenario calls for the abuse most of the 
respondees wish to heap on the sideman.

I understand the emotions involved here but I believe in this situation you 
are crucifying the wrong man. The leader is making demands he has no right 
to make and the sideman is only exercising his legimate options.

Any other scenario . . . for instance where the band has been playing 
regularly for a period of time and the band is booked indefinitely into the 
future doesn't count in this discussion. Bob Romans set up the circumstances 
to exclude this case.

Nobody can steal from you that which you do not have.

Now. I will respond to no further comments on this issue.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "I love leaders" Gunter

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