[Dixielandjazz] "KEEP THIS GOING"

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Paul said it very well and I support.
I was embarrassed at the attack on the writer, which verged on the
hysterical and made me wonder who had really been brain-washed.     As a
non-American, my thoughts and sympathies lie with the USA today, as it
mourns the tragedy of Sept 11
Let us stick to jazz and try to remain civil with each other.

Brian Towers,
Hot Five Jazzmakers, Toronto, Canada
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> This thread is incendiary and completely off-topic for DJML.
> It also shows startling insensitivity to attack an individual for sharing
> inspirational message on a day like this one. Yes it is true, not all on
> this list are conservative or even American citizens, but the events we
> recall today threaten freedom everywhere. Whether you agree with the
> or not, be civilized in your response to it.
> The spirit expressed in the music we normally discuss here is needed at
> moment as much as it ever has been. Let's try to remember that, okay?
> Paul Edgerton
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