[Dixielandjazz] "KEEP THIS GOING"

Robert Alexander Cremer r.cremer@hetnet.nl
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 23:12:25 +0200

Let us go back to our goal: keep OKOM (classic jazz) alive.
Discussions about the war against terror are for other mailing lists.

Rob Cremer (Bob Doodah)
Breda, The Netherlands
Pharmacy Five plus Three; The Noisy Oysters; The Bob Doodah Band

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> This thread is incendiary and completely off-topic for DJML.
> It also shows startling insensitivity to attack an individual for sharing
> inspirational message on a day like this one. Yes it is true, not all on
> this list are conservative or even American citizens, but the events we
> recall today threaten freedom everywhere. Whether you agree with the
> or not, be civilized in your response to it.
> The spirit expressed in the music we normally discuss here is needed at
> moment as much as it ever has been. Let's try to remember that, okay?
> Paul Edgerton
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