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Bill: Indeed, the top photo does have two standing trombonists. The
information on Julia Lee being his sister reminded me that I had heard her
in the late 40's in L.A. when she was there to make some side for  Capitol.
I also remember her doing a wonderful old KC tune called Backstreet. "I'll
be waiting backstreet for you."
She was a fine blues-oriented singer. Had no idea she was related to the
Geo. Lee I inquired about. Your reputation as a researcher of early jazz is
As to your comment about your Scots born wife, lucky fellow you, and not
even ice in her single malt, sounds like a lady I could enjoy a wee dram
with. Tell her Slainte for me. (I am very fond of the Spey malts, Cardhu and
Aberlour in particular, and the Islays such as Bunahaban. Though I can claim
some MacDonald blood way back, I will admit that Talisker, from  the
MacDonald seat of Skye, takes a certain amount of courage for the first one
down the hatch! For the unwary, the feeling that your toenails are curling
backwards may be unsettling.
Don Ingle
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> Dear Don,
> Regarding: >But another had a poster of Geo. E. Less and His Novelty
> Orchestra.
> >Several photos showed musicians with an array of brass and reeds, with a
> sousaphone, gal piano player and drummer out front.
> Too much of the malt old mate???  8>)
> The band is George E Lee and His Novelty Singing Orchestra.
> Recorded in Kansas City on an unknown date in 1927.
> I assume the photo is the one with 2 tbns on the LH (top) side.
> At the time the record was made the band had George E Lee, ts; Sam
Utterbach, t;
> Thurston 'Sox' Maupins, tb; Clarence Taylor, ss/as; Julia Lee (George's
> and very well known later), p/v/pac; unk, bj; Clint Walker, tu; Abe Price,
> I have more, but am off now to see the new film "Sum of All Fear' (or
> like that) with our mate Darky McCarthy.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.
> PS for the Pom (new recruit) who dares put Whisky in his Coke:
> I am from Australia, my wife is a born Scot and will not even put ice in
> whisky.  8>)
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